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Alexandria Heat Pump Installation

Professional Heat Pump Installation & Repair in the DMV area

If you are looking to save costs for home services, heat pumps are becoming one of the most effective heating solutions on the market. Despite their names, heat pumps can be used all year round. This is because these pumps move air as needed, bringing in cool air during the summer and warm air during the winter. Heat pumps can also dehumidify the air, keeping your house from becoming too moist, especially during the warm, sticky months of June through August. When you are looking for a maximum range of comfort at a low cost, reach out to A Action Home Services for dependable heat pump installation services in Alexandria.

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Saving Energy through Our Heat Pump Installations

Thanks to advancing technology, gas furnaces are more efficient in delivering heat. However, even the most potent furnace is no match for a heat pump, which uses electricity like a “reverse air conditioning” unit to be 300 times more efficient. Unlike regular furnaces, a heat pump is not working to produce heat but moving heat around. As a result, it requires much less energy to transfer and switch cold air and warm air than heat, saving many homeowner costs.

There are several models you can choose from our excellent, efficient heat pumps. Just a few of our most popular types include:

  • Air-to-air heat pumps
  • Geothermal heat pumps
  • Water sourced heat pumps

Our knowledgeable contractors can explain the unique advantages of each unit and recommend which would be most suitable to the needs of your household.

Taking Advantage of a Heat Pump Installation

You may wonder whether there are any other benefits of a heat pump besides its efficiency, and the good news is that are many reasons why heat pumps are such an excellent heating solution. Because heat pumps do not use combustion, they are often much safer than traditional heating systems. The fact that they use electricity means they are often much less expensive to operate than those that use gas or oil for fuel. Moreover, heat pumps are usually very durable and long-lasting.

Not only can you use heat pumps all year round, but they are also designed to even handle the slightest fluctuations in temperature. This makes them extra effective at providing the perfect level of comfort for all the members of your household.

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