Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

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It can be a frustrating and concerning feeling when you go to click on your furnace at the beginning of winter and it starts blowing cold air, even after it’s had the chance to warm up for a bit. Instantly, you start seeing money fly out the window as worst-case repair scenarios pop into your head.

Fortunately, there could be a number of reasons why cold air is coming from your furnace in Alexandria, VA. Like most repair scenarios, they run the gamut from minor to major, and it’s helpful to have some expectations about what you might be facing.

Check the thermostat

While this seems like a basic thing, you’d be surprised how many people forget to start here. If cold air is coming out of your heating vents in Alexandria, VA, it could be as simple as your thermostat not being properly configured. Let’s start with the basics: make sure you have it set to “HEAT” and not “AC” (again, you’d be surprised). Next, make sure that the blower is set to “AUTO” instead of “ON”—this is a key difference. “AUTO” ensures air is only being blown through the system when the furnace is heating it, while “ON” means that air, whether heated or not, is always being cycled into your living space.

Check the air filter

Your entire HVAC system relies on solid, consistent airflow—it’s the core requirement of the whole system. As such, supplying it with clean air is mandatory, because dirty air can stifle or even kill your system. Your air filter can get dirty more quickly than you think, so you should replace it every two or three months (more often if you have pets or allergy sensitivities). On top of this, restricted airflow can cause cold air to come out of your heating vents in Alexandria, VA—safety controls inside the appliance automatically shut it down if the unit overheats as a result of restricted airflow.

Reasons to call the pros

If you tried the above steps and your heater still isn’t heating your home in Alexandria, VA, things might be too complicated for a DIY solution. You might have a pilot light or ignitor problem—the furnace isn’t lighting the fuel, which is what enables it to heat the air. Alternatively, you might be looking at a duct problem. If your ducts have large holes or leaks, then they could be letting in so much cold air from the attic and crawlspaces that it’s negating all of the work your furnace is doing. In these scenarios, it’s best to call in a professional HVAC company to take a look at the entire system.

If you’re concerned about the functioning of your HVAC system or wondering why there’s cold air coming from your furnace in Alexandria, VA, then it’s time to get in touch with A Action Home Services today. We’re a full-service company that works with everything from heating to air conditioning repair, and we have a track record dating back over 40 years to back up our reputation—call us today to schedule service! 

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