Six Reasons to Replace Old Air Filters

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Air filters are an essential element of indoor air quality, but they also ensure your HVAC system runs well. That fact often fails to come into play when discussing why a dirty air filter is bad. Fortunately, air filters are one of the more manageable parts of furnace maintenance in Alexandria, VA, and there is no good reason to avoid cleaning or replacing them. Here are six risks with old air filters to prevent by keeping them clean and new:

  • Mold: Humidity builds up in dirty air filters and can eventually lead to mold. When you maintain clean air filters, moisture escapes easier and does not lead to accumulation. This scenario becomes especially apparent if you run a heat pump system that doubles as central air conditioning in the summer. It is crucial to keep up on air filters in these systems, or your indoor air quality will suffer.
  • Inefficiency: Air filters support healthy airflow. When old filters accumulate dirt and disrupt that flow, your HVAC system runs less efficiently. It struggles to keep up with demands, and you will see the effects in your next heating or cooling bill. When you replace your air filter on time, you improve airflow and reduce demands on your system. You will pay less for heating and cooling and enjoy greater efficiency.
  • Broken blower fan: Blower fans push air through the filter. When the filter is clogged, it must work harder to ensure airflow. Eventually, this increases the demand for your blower fan and makes it more likely to fail. Without airflow, you do not have a heated or cooled home, and you will face expensive repair and higher utility bills—and may even have to replace your furnace if it fails.
  • Poor indoor air quality: As their name implies, air filters ensure fresher air coming from your HVAC. If any household members suffer from allergies, this function is vital to producing a safe atmosphere. A dirty air filter recirculates particles and pollutants into your home and reduces air quality. You will notice effects through more sneezing, sniffling, and coughing. Family members may even catch colds more easily and live in misery.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning: Checking your air filter helps you detect gas leaks before they become dangerous. Carbon monoxide turns air filters black, and if you discover this early, your HVAC technician can render your furnace safe again.
  • Short cycling: It’s normal for your furnace to cycle on and off throughout the day as it adjusts to your thermostat. But if it performs this function more frequently, you suffer uneven heating and energy waste. You will notice these impacts through cold spots in your home and higher utility bills. Short cycling indicates more severe problems as well, so call a technician when it arises.

Why is a dirty air filter bad? A Action Home Services can show you! Our furnace maintenance services can help you avoid the risks of old air filters in Alexandria, VA. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

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