What Furnace Noises Should You Worry About?

Furnaces aren’t designed to be totally silent while they’re running. However, they shouldn’t be making loud and obnoxious noises, either. Every strange sound coming from your furnace is an indication that something’s amiss and needs to be corrected by a pro. Keep reading to learn the meaning of different sounds that may be coming from your furnace in Alexandria, VA:

  • Grinding and scraping: A grinding or scraping sound coming from the furnace is one of the most common noises homeowners report. This typically stems from dry bearings in the blower motor. Proper lubrication each fall can resolve this issue.
  • Rumbling: Problems with the burners, pilot light or flame sensors can cause rumbling noises in gas furnaces. Call an HVAC technician right away if you hear these sounds, as you could face an increased risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Squealing: A loud squealing sound typically means the blower motor has a loose belt. However, the sound may also result from a more serious issue with the blower motor. Only your HVAC pro will know for sure.
  • Thumping: Thumps and bumps that sound like an unbalanced washing machine typically indicate an unbalanced blower wheel or motor. Since the blower wheel and motor are important furnace components, you’ll want to hire someone to inspect the parts and repair them right away.
  • Pops and bangs: Hearing a popping sound when a gas furnace begins a cycle isn’t out of the ordinary—the sound is caused by warm air hitting cold metal ducts. If the noise is louder than usual, it could indicate that the burners may be dirty.
  • Loud humming: A low humming noise while your furnace is running is common, but if you notice that the hum is louder than normal, there’s probably an issue with the fan or capacitor that needs to be addressed by a pro.

What to do if you hear weird noises

Knowing the meaning of different sounds from a furnace in Alexandria, VA is only stepping one—you also need to know how to resolve the problem! Follow these steps to ensure your heater works all through the winter:

  • Schedule an inspection: The top way to prevent problems with your furnace and its associated noises is to call a professional for an annual tune-up. A cleaning and inspection each fall helps ensure your furnace performs its best throughout the season.
  • Make repairs: Even with annual tune-ups, we can’t guarantee your furnace won’t suffer a midseason breakdown. If your furnace stops working, call our team to fix it! After identifying the cause of your furnace sounds in Alexandria, VA, we’ll set to work and restore your furnace to like-new condition.
  • Replace the unit: Fixing an old furnace over and over can get expensive. After your unit reaches a certain age, you may want to consider replacing it instead of paying for those repairs. Talk to our specialists about upgrading your old furnace to an energy-efficient unit.

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Whether you hear a constant grinding noise or random pops and bangs, be sure to hire our team to fix it. Our customers trust us when it comes to repairing heating systems and diagnosing the cause of furnace sounds in Alexandria, VA.