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Indoor air quality is frequently a concern in households where members suffer frequent respiratory ailments or allergies. The iWave by Nu-Calgon is the latest in indoor air quality technology and should be at the top of your list if you are considering updated air filtration systems in Alexandria, VA. Here is an overview of how it works and the benefits it offers to your home.

How it works

iWave uses bi-polar ionization. This new technology is self-cleaning and requires little maintenance. Many systems require new parts every few years or so, but the iWave can practically be ignored. There are iWave models available for both homes and businesses, as it’s definitely up for the demands of industrial air quality control.

The iWave works by emitting positive and negative ions as air flows by it. This creates a plasma region that actively purifies the air and kills mold, bacteria, and viruses in the living space. It is usually duct-mounted to provide the best access to indoor air. Performance exceeds that of other indoor air purifiers by producing over 200 million ions/cc per polarity. You will notice this difference every time you enter your home.

Depending on the model you choose, most iWave devices contain a programmable self-cleaning cycle, waterproof housing, digital display, and internal alarms that will send alerts to an app. This includes an alert if the ion emitters start to wear out or incur damage—even though you will have to wait years for that to occur. You can rest assured you can always keep your iWave at peak performance.

iWave benefits

The new and modern iWave purifies the air without the impacts of other systems. Traditional air purifiers frequently create ozone and other harmful byproducts, even as they make your home’s indoor environment more pleasant. When you install an iWave, you no longer have to worry about other environmental impacts while you seek better indoor air quality.

Since iWave kills viruses along with allergens and bacteria, that is a big advantage in this time of COVID-19. If you have vulnerable household members, you can worry less about bringing the virus home to them. Generally speaking, this is a device that reduces illness, whether from infectious elements or natural ones like pollen. This can be especially reassuring if any of your household members suffer severe allergies. You will notice a distinct lack of dust-infused sunbeams in your home as the iWave removes particles from the air.

Odor control is another benefit. Smoke, cooking, and pet odors are no match for the iWave. No longer will your burned cooking experiment linger in your home, and the memory of your dog being sprayed by a skunk will also soon fade. Ionization keeps your indoor air clean but also smelling fresh, no matter what occurs within your walls.

A Action Home Services offers updated air filtration systems for your home and installation services. If you are interested in the iWave by Nu-Calgon or any other methods to enhance your indoor air quality in Alexandria, VA, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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